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Should Learn!! How Mehek Will Regain Her Reminiscence.

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Are you continue to in awe and in the dead of night of How Mehek will regain her reminiscence? If YES you may learn the complete updates  beneath.

Subsequent to Mehek lastly gaining her reminiscence, Shaurya has engaged in numerous actions in different to recreate scenes from Mehek previous life with him.

This solely prompted Mehek to have blurred reminiscences of her being concerned with these conditions however nothing particular. As regular, she has a powerful deja Vu feeling however the presence of Neev in her life makes it exhausting to imagine she isn’t his mom.

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Shaurya tries to get a DNA check accomplished however Mandhar and Archie are all the time forward to infect the outcomes or foil the plan

Shaurya takes her to take part in a cooking competitors in order that being round cooking actions will remind her of her ardour. Though Mehek was capable of circulate naturally within the competitors and ultimately wins it, she nonetheless insist on going again to hiklesh along with her ‘husband’s and ‘youngster’

Lastly Shaurya throws a celebration to rejoice her victory earlier than she departs. Within the occasion he recreates the situation of their first ever occasion collectively when he gifted Mehek cash and cooking utensils. Nonetheless Mehek insists she’s Vandana and eventually decides to depart all of the drama and return to her life I Hithlesh.

Feeling annoyed and indignant Shaurya throws a tantrum regardless of the household making an attempt to make him see actuality. But it surely’s in all that drama and turmoil that Mehek regains her reminiscence. Sarcastically, watching Shaurya lose management in grief and anger jolts her reminiscence awake.

Karuna says to shaurya Mahek is gone. Cease this craziness. That is Vandana. Shaurya is upset. Mandhar is in a rickshaw. Bhanwari and neev are on their approach too. Bhanwari says are we on the precise approach?

How Mehek Will Regain Her Reminiscence

Must Read!! How Mehek Will Regain Her Memory

Shaurya retains consuming within the occasion. Karuna tries to deal with him. Mahek is there along with her face hidden. Bhanwari and Neev come outdoors. Bhanwari’s situation worsen. He asks Neev to name Vandana out. Neev says I’m coming. Julie is with Mahek. Shaurya breaks bottles in anger. He says get out of right here everybody. Are you all making enjoyable of me? I don’t need this life. Ravi says please keep robust. Shaurya says she left me. I’ll burn every thing down. He breaks stuff.
Everybody calms him down. Kanta hugs him. She syas please relax. Shaurya says how can she depart me? How can’t she hear me? I did every thing. Neev is in search of Mahek. Shaurya says I dont’ need anybody. He’s crying. He asks all of the visitors to depart. Vicky says please relax. Shaurya says I don’t care.

This all is ineffective. He throws away all of the dishes Mahek made. He says I’ll wreck every thing. Shaurya says we don’t want this meals truck both. I’ll burn this. Ravi says please relax. Julie says he’s doing one thing mistaken.

Mahek runs out. She sees Shauray making an attempt to destroy the meals truck. Bhanwari isn’t effectively. He says what is that this noise? The place is Neev. Neev is crying. He says ma the place are you.. Shaurya is about to burn the meals truck. He places petrol on it. Karuna says please don’t do that. Vikcy says please pay attention. Kanta says please cease. Mahek is all this from distance. Shaurya picks fired papers and throws them in the direction of the truck. Everyone seems to be shocked. They’re crying. Shaurya throws his ring within the hearth as effectively. Mahek holds her head. She sees flashbacks. Shaurya burns every thing associated to her. He burns their footage. Mahek holds her head. SHe is about to faint. Shaurya throws her bangles in hearth as effectively. Shaurya says every thing is over. Good bye mahek. mahek remembers every thing. She holds her head. She remembers every thing. She sits down crying and says my Shaurya. Shaurya.

And from there,  Mehek first has to avoid wasting Neev from Mandhar earlier than she tells Shaurya the reality on the dire second when he’s about to marry Archie…

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