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Efia Odo States Her Stance On God And The Bible

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Ghanaian actress, Efia Odo has acknowledged that she believes in God however she doesn’t imagine within the Bible. Based on her, the ebook is man-made and filled with fairy tales.

The actress made this recognized on Twitter the place she questioned a number of the tales written within the Bible

“Within the Bible Adam, Eve, Cain ,Abel had been the one ones on the planet. After Cain killed Abel he ran to the east of Eden. Genesis four:17 it says Cain made like to his spouse. He was within the east of Eden in Nod. So the place did the WIFE come from in the event that they had been the one ones on the planet?”, she requested

A person waded into the dialogue with some readability to her query:

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“The bible by no means explicitly says that these 4 had been the one ones on earth. That they had different siblings. the truth that Cain was afraid that somebody would kill him for killing Abel signified that the world on the time was a close-knit household. So Cain left his personal individuals to wander”.

Efia Odo requested once more:

“The place is the spouse coming from? The Spouse of Cain? That’s my query.”

The person replied:

“His sister. They married their sisters again within the day. The way in which the bible places it earlier than Cain killed Abel he might need already been married to his sister. Like I mentioned earlier, everybody on the earth was associated the rationale why Cain was afraid that one in all his brothers would avenge”.

The actress continued by insinuating that Africans must return to the faith of their ancestors.

“I’m simply attempting to get out of this alluded system. Earlier than faith was dropped at North Africans and transcended to us west Africans, we had our personal lifestyle and connecting to God. Earlier than colonization we had been non secular individuals. We’ve misplaced our sense of spirituality.”

Descending closely on the Bible, Efia acknowledged that it’s a fairy story ebook which she doesn’t imagine in.

*Smh y’all discover excuses to imagine these fairytales. Go forward.

Effectively then inform the Christians that. They imagine it’s precise issues that occurred and never only a religion constructing storybook

I’m not an athiest dummy! I imagine in God, PERIODT!

Believing in God shouldn’t be the identical as believing within the Bible. I imagine in God

I imagine in God not phrases written by man. Don’t care in case your assume they had been impressed or not. Your perception and mine doesn’t must be on the identical. You imagine in your God and imma imagine in mine.”


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